Neale Orinick

Neale Orinick

Thumbtack for Freelancers

I have recently joined Thumbtack to increase my presence on the freelance writing scene. It's an incredibly clever and useful service to bring people together who are looking for professional services (writers, photographers, web designers) with the vast number of professionals out there with skills to help any kind of business. There seems to be an endless demand for writers of all types, and I fit into several categories.

I had some initial problems getting my profile set up and was frustrated by my lack of understanding of how the site worked. I sent in a plea for help to the powers that be at Thumbtack and got a thorough and helpful response. Good, prompt, customer service is the sign of a well-run company with a staff motivated to suceed. That's the kind of working relationship I am looking for.

Check them out for yourself at:

A new way to hire local services

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